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PRX-T33: Facial Bio Rejuvenation

This skin rejuvenator / biostimulator is a gel that leaves the skin on your face and body feeling firmer, tighter, lifted and with a noticeable glow.

No Needles
No Peeling
No Downtime
  • PRX-T33 is a gel that, when applied with a specific technique, has similar properties to a chemical peel — it firms and moisturizes the skin while treating scars, hyperpigmentation, and photoaging.  
  • You will notice a visible improvement immediately. 
  • This treatment requires no downtime, causes no peeling, and doesn’t make your skin sensitive to sunlight. 
  • The treatment lasts just 30 minutes, so patients can make appointments over their lunch break. 


This treatment stimulates the skin’s growth factor receptors without damaging the outermost layer of skin. A low dose of hydrogen peroxide protects the outer tissue, while a 33% TCA solution penetrates deeper layers of the dermis and stimulates both keratinocyte and fibroblast growth factor activity. The TCA also has an anti-inflammatory effect, cleans debris and build-up from pores, destroys the bacteria that causes acne, and increases skin elasticity. Another ingredient, Kojic acid, brightens the skin. Your body’s natural healing response kicks in and causes immediate improvement, firming the skin and treating issues without the pain or downtime. 

It shrinks pores, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, erases stretch marks and scars, treats acne, diminishes spots and hyperpigmentation, and tightens the skin. 


The PRX-T33 Therapy results are famous all over the world, at all latitudes and it is perfect for all skin types.

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Don’t Just Imagine Results. See them.

With this treatment, the results are real: You’ll see and feel the change  Because your experience is customized for your body, the transformation is clear.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues does PRX-T33 treat?

The issues PRX-T33 can help correct include: hyperpigmentation; the signs of aging; sagging skin; sun damage on the face, neck, chest, hands, or arms; acne and scarring; melasma; and stretch marks.

What does it feel like?

It’s painless! During your treatment, the only sensation you may feel is a slight tingling in the area.

Am I a good candidate?

PRX-T33 is approved for men, women, and teens. It can be used on all skin types, including dark skin. If you would like to treat your skin issues without the peeling, discomfort, or downtime of a chemical peel, this treatment is ideal for you. This treatment is not for people who are pregnant, lactating, or have sensitive skin, open wounds or skin infections.

How many sessions will I need?

Each treatment lasts 30 minutes, and usually we recommend people get 5 separate treatments approximately 1-3 weeks apart. However, your providers will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

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