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Botox and Jeuveau are both wrinkle-relaxing injectables made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.‍

Botox is an industry-leading injectable that can help refresh your appearance by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll see results within three to 10 days that typically last three to four months. Within 10-14 days of receiving your Botox treatment, you will notice a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines of the treated areas.

Jeuveau is made with the same neurotoxin used in Botox, but Botox has been around in its current form for many years and the technology hasn’t been updated. Jeuveau, on the other hand, is more precise. The results of Botox don’t appear in their final form for approximately two weeks, whereas Jeuveau results appear in three-four days. The results of Jeuveau can last up to six months. To get started with our Juveau procedures and the best Botox in Madison, WI, reach out to our experienced team today!


Over time, your skin loses its natural elasticity, resulting in wrinkles from repeated emotional reactions. Jeuveau and Botox can erase the unwanted lines and wrinkles that you’ve started to notice every time you look in the mirror. They can treat the following types of wrinkles:

  • Crow’s feet near the eyes
  • Smoker’s lines around the mouth
  • Worry lines on the forehead
  • “Elevens” between the eyebrows
  • Bunny lines
  • Dent in chin
  • Frown lines
  • Neck lines


Our highly-trained team is ready to assist you with the most innovative techniques in Skin Care and Injectables. The goal at Evolution Body Transformation is to give you flawless, healthy, younger-looking skin, while simultaneously creating a long-term, custom treatment plan that will slow the aging process and help to create the best and most beautiful you. Jeuveau and Botox can help relax wrinkles and give you noticeable and desired results. Within two days to two weeks of receiving your Jeuveau or Botox treatment, you will notice a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines of the treated areas. Both Botox and Jeuveau can also be used to treat excessive sweating, a gummy smile, and migraines. To learn more about Juveau treatments and the best Botox in Madison, WI, give us a call today at (608) 274-2225.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Jeuveau or Botox?

These non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments help relax your wrinkles and lines to refresh your skin with little to no downtime. Although you will notice a marked improvement, that doesn’t mean you will look like you’ve “had work done.” Jeuveau and Botox can be used to prevent wrinkles from deepening or from forming entirely, which can keep you looking younger for a longer amount of time!

What can I expect during my treatment?

Evolution's professionals are dedicated to helping you develop a customized treatment plan according to your needs. We will guide you through every stage of the treatment to ensure you are happy and comfortable, and make sure that it’s perfectly customized to suit your beauty goals. During the treatment, your provider will use a short/thin needle to inject small amounts of the compound into precise treatment areas, making your experience as pain-free and comfortable as possible. An anesthetic can be used to reduce injection pain in areas of higher sensitivity, when necessary. The amount of injections varies per patient.

How do neurotoxin wrinkle relaxers work?

The neurotoxin compound in Jeuveau and Botox works by paralyzing the underlying muscles that we use when we make repeated facial expressions, which cause wrinkles to form and deepen. When the muscles are paralyzed, it’s harder to make these expressions and it gives the wrinkled skin time to relax and smooth over. Over time, the wrinkles diminish, and are prevented from getting any deeper.

What other treatments can Jeuveau and Botox be used for?

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, Jeuveau and Botox can also be used to minimize a gummy smile, as well as treat migraines and excessive sweating! To treat the upper lip, we perform precise injections along the muscle around the upper lip. The muscle relaxes and the lip flips outward, giving your mouth a poutier, less gummy look. To treat migraines, we inject into the nerve endings around pain fibers responsible for headaches, blocking the release of neurochemicals involved in pain transmission. “Hyperhidrosis,” the formal word for excessive sweating, is treated much the same way. When we inject into the treatment area — which could include the hands, feet, armpits, and forehead — the neurotoxin blocks the nerve signals responsible for creating sweat.

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