Get Rid of Bat Wings with Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt is a revolutionary way to eliminate fat and tone muscle simultaneously!

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Emsculpt as it’s become one of the most popular and talked about body sculpting treatments on the market as of late. People are singing the praises of what Emsculpt can do for the body and the amazing aesthetic results it can achieve for the abdomen and bum but, what about the arms? Can Emsculpt tone and sculpt those stubborn bat wings? The answer is YES!

What is Emsculpt? 

Let’s backtrack a bit and talk about what Emsculpt is exactly. 

Emsculpt is the first FDA-approved, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that works to melt away stubborn fat and tone and sculpt muscle whilst also increasing muscle strength at the same time!

Emsculpt uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology to stimulate muscle contractions. The contractions cause the muscle tissue to adapt which allows the fat to reduce and the muscle mass to increase. 

Can you treat your arms with Emsculpt? 

Yes, you absolutely can treat arms with Emsculpt to help tone up those bat wings. Emsculpt now has smaller applicators that are very effective in treating the upper arm area, biceps and triceps. The technician will strap the applicators onto your arms and you’ll sit comfortably for as little as thirty minutes while the Emsculpt does all the work! After the treatment is over, you’ll feel as if you just had an intense arm workout without even breaking a sweat!

How effective is Emsculpt for the arms? 

On average, patients have reported a 19% fat reduction after Emsculpt and a 16% muscle increase. The treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 bicep and/or tricep curls! 

How many treatments are needed? 

Your individual treatment plan will vary based on your specific needs and desired results, however, three to four treatments are recommended for the best results, spaced several days apart. 

If you’re looking to tone those bat wings but haven’t been seeing the results you want through the gym, try out Emsculpt for the arms! 

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