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Located in San Diego

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Choose from One of our Membership Plans



10% off other products and services

  • Powerpeel (dermaplane or microdermabrasion with customized peel)
  • 6 laser like lipo sessions
  • 4 Cocoon sessions
  • Laser Hair session (small or medium area)
  • Cinderella Facial ( Venus skin tightening treatment with Oxygenating Trio)



15% off other services and products

  • Rejuvapen microneedling
  • Emtone small or medium area
  • Laser hair any size
  • Bioskin Rejuvenation treatment with Dermaplaning



20% off services and products

  • IPL
  • Viva microneedling
  • Emtone small to large area maintenance treatment
  • Emscella maintenance treatment


Medical Gym

25% off other products and services

  • Tribella (IPL, Viva, and Venus skin tightening)
  • 2 Neo Maintenance sessions
  • One Neo and one Emtone (any size area) Maintenance
  • One Neo and one Emscella maintenance treatment
  • 4 EvolveX or Evoke treatments, any applicator, 1 area per session, max 8 hours per month